Rise of the Ninja, Zwan Sima Vu, Part 1

November 25, 2009 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Weirdly worded, sorry. 😛

Chapter 1; Training.

As she started training, something happened. Tora was sent out on a mission against the samuri. He had not returned long. Suzeme was sent next to find out what happened to Tora. Long she haden’t returned. So on went the rest of Zwan and Ijuro’s friends. None had returned. Two ninjas were left; Zwan and her brother, Ijuro. Both age of  10,(Ijuro was alittle shorter than Zwan though) had been sent to quicky finish their training.  They had gotten some sort of ninja hat, made of special weave.  Off  both were sent to the temple.

They set to the temple. Master, whom had no name they did not know of, began their training. Both brother and sister drew out there weapons.  So did the crow. Both went and attacked. Zwan used a stun attack, while Ijuro followed with a regular attack. Both bowed and the crow disspeared. They finished training after attack a few more crows.

Their master had spoken to them. They were sent to find the temple. They went along a long path. They had found an anneou flower, supposely to activate temple tribes.  Up to a bridge, across they went. Then came upon a long, thin rope going across the large gap from where they were standing, all the way to the otherside where close to the temple. So, Zwan went first. Then, Ijuro. But Ijuro lost balance, and fell.



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