ROTN, ZSV, Part 4 (I think)

December 5, 2009 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

He had taught them a justu (spell). Animal Justu. Even though Ijuro and Zwan were quiet, they managed to speak to their master, other than eachother. Both said the words. Ijuro was turned into a racoon, and Zwan turned into a white fox. Both tried about in the animal spirit form, and both finished trying about in the spirit animals. They went along finding Futo.

They arrived at a large gap, where Futo was at the other side. Ijuro backed up a bit, then jumped and grabbed the ledge of the stone wall. Zwan did the same. Both reached the other side. Ijuro, Zwan and Futo bowed, then Futo picked up Zwan and Ijuro and gave them a squeezy hug. He put both down, and Futo disspeared in red and grey mist. Then the two heard a scream. It was Suzeme.




  1. Winter Moonbeam said,

    OH NO! SUZEME! great story, btw.

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