Heros or Villans, Part 1

December 26, 2009 at 8:25 pm (Uncategorized)


Hyde Drake admired her name because of how it standed out. She was once raised by Bruce Wayne but was then forced to go her seprate ways. She learned how to live as an orphan. She had lived with her brother, Tim Drake, who was also known as Robin, her brother. She was eager and was pretty good at fighting. But once she had met someone whom changed how she saw team work forever.

Hyde was known as Thunder in crime fighting. She was in a bar looking for a smuggler. She had bumped into a drunken smuggler. He knocked her down onto the ground and gripped onto to his pistol. He shot a gold covered bullet. Everything seemed like slow motion for Thunder, because she could dodge the blast quickly. He kept shooting. Then a war began in the bar.

She found the smuggler she was looking for and took him down. She took him to the cops and dissapeared when the cops offered her reward and she said, “No thanks. Just what I do.” Then she disspeared.  One night, she had sneaked out quietly from her apartment through the window. She was sitting at the window, watching the cars in the street far beneath were she was sitting. She thought all was calm. She held the top of the window with one hand, and straighted her black skirt out with the other. She loved the city. She stroked her fingures through her silky black hair. But then she heard a cry for help from a woman.

She quickly woke up her brother then they both changed into what they would usually where for crime. They both jumped out of the window. Robin shot a grappling hook while Thunder sky dived faster and landed onto a building where she’d jumped off and landed right in the middle where a woman was getting robbed. They beat the theft and handed the money the woman had. “Acctually..” the woman began. She pulled out a giant hammer and knocked them both out. It was Harley Quinn.


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  1. Violet the Blue said,

    Awesome! I can’t wait for the next part!

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