Hyde Drake AKA Thunder

December 26, 2009 at 7:15 am (Uncategorized)

For meh and Vi’s story:

The Boot:

Here’s my version of Thunder:

Here’s my character, Ebony!



  1. Violet the Blue said,

    AWESOME!!!!! OMG that is SOOO good!

  2. Jedi Ninja Girl said,

    Name: Hyde Drake
    Hero nickname: Thunder
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye color: Hazel
    Skin Color: Pale-ish
    Type: Human, non-mutated
    Strength: Mild
    Most powerful villan faught: The Joker
    A typical 12 year old whom fights by herself but sometimes finds someone to fight along with. Is sister of Tim Drake, AKA Robin. She’s been through powerful and emotionly fights, but seems to get through all of them, and always needs to win a fight like her brother.

  3. Violet the Blue said,

    Name: Ebony
    Age: 14
    Appearence: White hair, dark skin, and ice-blue eyes
    Power: Wind/Air
    Personality: Shy, negative, and pessimistic. Has a hard time looking on the bright side.
    History: When she was seven, her mother first discovered her power. She first used her daughter’s powers as an attraction at the theme park she owned, then realized she could exploit it for even more moolah if she turned her daughter into a super hero. Until Ebony was eleven, she was dragged around the city and forced to fight “Super Villains” (which were really just actors). When she figured out, she ran away and had not been heard of until your character finds her or whatever works.

  4. starlit15 said,

    wow u drew that? its really good!!! 😀

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