Heros Or Villans, Part 2

December 27, 2009 at 3:47 am (Uncategorized)

Joker and Harley laughed. They were going to “re-model” them. Thunder grabbed my pocket knife and cut the rope attaching me and Robin. Robin attacked Wolf while Thunder was fighting with Dee Dee and Dee Dee. It seems all they did was kick people. They got through the place and The Joker and Harley couldn’t catch up. They were on the top of a building. Far from the ground brother and sister stood.

Hyde’s black hair flowwed in the breeze just as how Robin’s cape did. They heard nothing but car honks and the wind blowing hard.  Not much would happen in the city. Their heads still were in pain from the “hammer”. But then they saw a cop car go by. It was chasing a young girl with white hair is all they could see.  She was running as fast as she could from the cops. Both came down to check it out.

She was scared hiding behind Hyde. “People! People, trying to kill MEH!” she yelled hiding behind a small bush. “What the HECK?!”  Hyde yelled looking annoyed.  “Serouisly,” Robin said, with a annoyed look on his face too. “Just keep her in your sight,” the cops said. They left, and Thunder gripped on the girl’s hair. With an annoyed voice, Thunder asked, “Name Please.” “EBONY, EBONY!”  she yelled then covered her face with her hands. “CALM DOWN FOR BLOODY SAKE!” Robin and Thunder shouted. “sorry,” A quieter voice came out of Ebony.

Robin and Thunder took Ebony to the front of the apartment. She waited outside while both changed into regular clothing. “Hi, I’m Hyde Drake and my brother, Tim Drake,” said Hyde calmly. “I-I’m Ebony,” Ebony said. “No last name?” asked Robin. “Nope..” Ebony said. They all went out to walk alittle. Then they walked pass a dark alley. Someone had a sack and through it over them and captured them.

They woke up tied over a large pot with toxic waste. This would eitheir kill or mutate them. “WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” screamed Ebony in horror. ‘NO WE’RE NOT NO WE’RE NOT NO WE’RE NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” the twins both yelled. The rope started to rip.



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    WOW! Awesome as always, Master.

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