For Zuzu’s story

February 20, 2010 at 3:17 am (Uncategorized)

Name: Trinity (nicknamed Solace because of her mysterious calming ways)

Appearance: flowing black hair braided with blue ribbons, icy electric eyes, pale, tall, and usually wears either white or dark blue clothes, smoky eyes, has special necklace that looks like:

Personality: keeps quiet, very mysterious, calm, very good fighter

Weapon: small dagger

Power: can turn into any bird, has the element of air


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  1. Violet the Blue said,

    May I submit my character here?

    Name: Antattia
    Appearance: Short, dark brown/reddish hair, warm brown eyes, usually wears old fashioned clothes(long skirts, Victorian style dresses). No particular color is required.
    Personality: Dreamy, never really pays attention to the world around her–instead she creates her own inside her head. She is prone to falling in love.
    Weapon: bow and arrow
    Power: she can gather memories from things/people she touches
    Sorry, I forgot this:
    Race: dwarf (paternal)/elf (maternal) and is 1/2 mage P:
    Thanks for helping me out on that one, Zuzu!

    I hope she works for you! Feel free to change whatever you want 😀

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