Heros or villans, part 3

February 20, 2010 at 12:54 am (Uncategorized)

*note* Starting sorta another part, idk how to continue with the rest. thank you for ur patience for reading this thing a mic bobber.

Ebony was acting strange latley. She refused to even speak to Hyde or Tim. Then Hyde walked up to Ebony, talking one deep breath then tapping her shoulder. “Ebony?” Her hands glew black and red with rage. Hyde came up a step closer. Her voice was a bit louder. “Ebony???” Hyde asked once more. Then Hyde felt a cool chill clutching gently at her throat. But then, Ebony stood up, turned around, and she seemed fine. That is, if you don’t mind one who’s eyes glew yellow and hair turn jet black. A monsterous voice came out of Ebony. “Aww, you feel bad for me? How bout you look back into the past and show yourself a hero again!” The clutch got tighter and tighter, and soon, the only breath that came out of her was what little oxygen Hyde had left in her lungs. Ebony tightened her grip, and swung her arm. Hyde collapesed in the pain, and looked at her arm. It was bleeding. But the blood was not red. It was black.

Hyde grabbed a knife, but Ebony quickly caught Hyde’s grip, and turned her hand around. The knife hit Hyde’s stomach. She couldn’t feel nothing, her face was emotionless, no pain shown. Ebony knocked Hyde down and pushed the knife harder, almost attaching her into the ground. Ebony had a surly grin on her face, and Tim had came in. Nothing could describe the look on his face. Ebony came up, smiling at Tim like she hadn’t done anything. Ebony stroked her fingers through her jet black hair and sat down. She used her rage (blood magic), and gripped Tim’s neck. It seemed she tryed to catch his attention. She brung Tim to her, and that was when Hyde gripped onto the bloody knife.

“Awww, poor Robin seems depressed that his whiney sister, is a bit “bloody”, at the moment?” The grin she showed made Robin shudder. He couldn’t do anything because the demon inside Ebony seemed to reach out to him. Ebony didn’t notice Hyde’s bravery. She pulled the knife with all her might, and the blood that was red that came out soon turned black. She finally got the knife, aimed, and threw it at the back of Ebony. A scream came out of Ebony, and suddenly, Hyde grew fangs. Hyde covered the large wound on her stomach, and a smile came upon her face. It seemed Hyde really enjoyed it.

~Your fellow writer Zuzu :}



  1. zanygamer said,

    Great chapter, Zuzu! Maybe you could put Tilia in…..I can’t think of any good names.

  2. Winter Moonbeam said,


    Amazing chapter, once again!

  3. Violet the Blue said,

    Awesome! : DDDD
    I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier! I’ve been to lazy to really get involved with blogging/writing P:

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