Brothes, Sisters and a whole lot more part two

March 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

“Hey, you okay?” a voice spoke. “Demon! Die, demon!” said Solona fearfuly. “Calm down, it’s me Jowan!” he spoke. “Irving told me to tell you to meet him as soon as you awoke. I hadn’t realized you were gone all night!” said Jowan. “Tell me, how did the harrowing go? Just tell me a little bit and I won’t ask anymore I promise!” pleaded Jowan. “One thing, and one thing only. You have to go through the fade to kill a demon they put into you.” spoke Solona softly. “Really? That must be horrible.” Jowan said. “Well, I must be getting to Irving now.” Solona spoke. She exited the apperntice quarters to see Irving. He spoke about much and handed Solona her robes and the ring of study. He handed her a large wooden branch. She felt the magic shifting inside. She had the day free, so she decided to head to the libary. Then Jowan pulled her away by the hand. “Over here,” he whispered. “I have to tell you.. something.” “Jowan, you’re starting to worry me,” said Solona nervously. “Let’s speak somewhere else, I don’t feel safe here..” Jowan said. They walked to the templars’ quarters.

“I told you a met a girl, right? This is Lily.” Jowan said quietly. Solona’s eyes gaped widely, staring at the preist. Lily was quiet. “I need you to help us. I’ll explain the plan on the way.” Jowan said. Solona walked passed Antattia, which she tugged on her mage robes. “What?” whispered Solona. Antattia whispered something, and Solona giggled.

Antattia followed them to the chambers. Jowan destroyed his phystaclery. “I can’t belive it, we-” Jowan stopped. “A preist, and a blood mage.” said Gregior. “And you two. Newly mages and already causing trouble!” “You to could’ve told me the plan. But you didn’t.” spoke Irving, looking at Solona and Antattia dissapointed. “You all can’t set mages free for a dumb reason!” said Jowan, full of anguish. “Enough, I sentence this blood mage to death, and the preist to aernoa.” Gregior said, trying not to raise his voice. “No, I won’t let you touch her!” shouted Jowan. He grabbed a dagger and stabbed his hand. He was lying about not be a blood mage. He used the arts, and ran off. Solona rushed over to Irving. Thankfuly they were not dead, but Gregior wanted Solona out. Duncan came over. She and Antattia were to become Grey Wardens. They both walked forward and exited the tower. Antattia seemed alittle clueless, because the tower was the only place she known. Solona, for one, didn’t care. She was torn from her mother, at young age, and never saw her parents again. The elf-dwarf, Anttattia, who was much shorter than Solona, was one who was nervous for most things. Solona was more out going. They reached Ostagar.



  1. sassysweety said,

    Thatz was so interesting..left me hanging! U r an AWESOME stry teller,gal. 😉

  2. Violet the Blue said,

    AWESOME! Oh my gosh, I cannot WAIT for the next installment!

  3. Ocean Clover♣ said,

    Coolness!! 😀 I love the part when Solona was like “Die, Demon, Die!” LOL.

  4. sassysweety said,

    lolz anthr stephanie meyer..^_^

  5. gualetar said,

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  6. Gucci Purses said,

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