The Darkness Unleashed, Her Beginning

March 21, 2010 at 7:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Emma was always mistreated.  She was beat up and picked on by the older kids. But one day, something in her swore revenge. And it grew in her badly.

Emma was shot the night on her birthday. Her corpse didn’t rot. Instead, it awoke, eyes glowing gold with no pupil.  A monstorus voice crossed her mind. “Emma… my daughter… unleash the darkness…” She moaned in pain. The older kids passed her. They seemed confident. “Heh, alive again? Great, we can insult you again!” laughed a sixth grader girl. Emma started to giggle evily. Two black things emerged from her. The darkness.

The kids backed away, but the darkness stretched out. The darkness devoured the kids. Emma removed the yellow bows from her hair. She straighten her blood stained dress. She swept her short black hair. She saw a young girl passing through the streets, looking awful curious.  She slowly walked towards the girl, with a sly smile.



  1. ╫~Grey Warden Elf; Kallian~╫ said,

    I haz failed this story D:

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