June 16, 2010 at 12:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Zuzu, remember our little story with the sisters? Are we gonna do it anymore? And I think we should stop doing the diary thing and start making it a story. Buuut, I felt like posting Romilda’s profile. ;P

Name: Romilda

Age: 14

Appearance: Almost shoulder length spiky black hair, dark stormy blue eyes, red tips on her hair (also, see picture)

Personality: Rebellious, unafraid of most things (her worst fear is harm coming to her sister however, but she hides that),  tough, seems to be gloomy and mysterious all the time, rather quiet, has a secret fear of spiders, and likes to sing, though she would rather have no one find that out, stubborn and determined

Power: Red energy, floating

;P I know she’s kind of Mary-Sue-ish, but I just remembered about the story.

I’m sorry if you don’t like the way I did Cloe. I was basing it on a picture from PTB you posted of her. And I don’t remember her power. :/ (And ohmigod her feet are small. SORRRY! D:)

And Zuzu, do you think everyone else on this blog could join too?



  1. ╫~Ghost~╫ said,

    Oooooh yeah! Sorry, I’ve been caught up on school work and stuff… Atleast it’s summer now, heh heh.. I think everyone else could join too, but it might be delayed alittle bit when it comes to my time to write, because I want everyone to get a fair part unless I ask them about when they want to be mentioned. Nicely done on the picture! I couldn’t even do as awesome as you! 😀 And about making it a story instead of diary entries, I agree too. We could probaly plan it out on chat, so then it doesn’t seem just one person was writing it. This may be a story that won’t stay delayed forever, besides my magi story. (I forgot, I think I eitheir had a seprate one with Violet, or that goes into that one, I don’t rember though.)

    • ❀яανєη¢ℓαωgυяℓ~нє¢αтє❀ said,

      Yeay for summer! 😀

      Yeah. Why don’t we do our parts right now and maybe wait a little until Vi gets on or something… I dunno. It doesn’t look like she’s been on for a while.

      Yeah, let’s plan it out on CHat. Can you post your profile for CLoe?

  2. ╫~Ghost~╫ said,

    You basicly got the appearance soo uhh..
    Personality: Outgoing, bit of a tomboy, sometimes parnoid, not your average girl, loves to dance, strangely very flexible
    Age: 14
    Power: Teleports by using any type of mirror, wether shards or handmirrors. The glove that she wears spark all the time bit by bit, and she can rub them together for a quick second and basicly has the power inferno.

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