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I have random pics. 😛 I’m posting because my goal is post on every blog I’m on at least once a week! Hope you’re not sick of me. xP


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Zuzu, remember our little story with the sisters? Are we gonna do it anymore? And I think we should stop doing the diary thing and start making it a story. Buuut, I felt like posting Romilda’s profile. ;P

Name: Romilda

Age: 14

Appearance: Almost shoulder length spiky black hair, dark stormy blue eyes, red tips on her hair (also, see picture)

Personality: Rebellious, unafraid of most things (her worst fear is harm coming to her sister however, but she hides that),  tough, seems to be gloomy and mysterious all the time, rather quiet, has a secret fear of spiders, and likes to sing, though she would rather have no one find that out, stubborn and determined

Power: Red energy, floating

;P I know she’s kind of Mary-Sue-ish, but I just remembered about the story.

I’m sorry if you don’t like the way I did Cloe. I was basing it on a picture from PTB you posted of her. And I don’t remember her power. :/ (And ohmigod her feet are small. SORRRY! D:)

And Zuzu, do you think everyone else on this blog could join too?

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For Zuzu’s story

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Name: Trinity (nicknamed Solace because of her mysterious calming ways)

Appearance: flowing black hair braided with blue ribbons, icy electric eyes, pale, tall, and usually wears either white or dark blue clothes, smoky eyes, has special necklace that looks like:

Personality: keeps quiet, very mysterious, calm, very good fighter

Weapon: small dagger

Power: can turn into any bird, has the element of air

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Haud Nomen- Part 19

November 25, 2009 at 4:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I decided to go to sleep early. All of this arguing was hurting my mind.

Slipping on my zebra striped purple sweatpants and worn tie-die t-shirt, I examined a dark red cut I hadn’t noticed before. “Ouch!” I yelled suddenly, clutching my arm. Amy’s head popped into my tent. “Shut up, will you?” I nodded somberly. What was this thing on my arm? I didn’t think of it anymore, instead I just warily slept off to my land of dreams.

That night, I had a nightmare. Although I didn’t understand it.

“You will suffer if you do not obey,” said a bloodcurling voice. “GAH! NO!” screamed another voice in turn. I turned to see a girl with shoulder-length brown hair with auburn streaks. “You will SUFFER!” screamed the creepy voice again. But this time, it sounded as though it had pounced. The girl cried out in alarm, and the scene disappeared with a POOF. The mist dissolved, and I found myself facing the same girl, but she looked more worn and tired. Her clothes were in tatters, and I saw clearly who the monster was. It had the head of a woman, and the body of a lion. I knew perfectly well that this was a sphinx. “You shall have one more chance to answer my riddle. What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?” “I’m telling you, I DON’T KNOW!!!” yelled the girl with a sudden burst of anger. I could see the sphinx’s mouth curling into a tiny smile. The girl had given the wrong asnwer- but I knew it. The sphinx then jumped upon the girl again.

I woke up suddenly, screaming, “TRISTY!!!” Lexi came in. “What’s wrong?” she asked, her face full of concern. “I heard you screaming in your sleep, going, ‘Ah, no! It’s not the right answer! Tristy! No!’ ” “I need to speak with Jake! Get me Jake!” I cried, waving my arms hysterically, as if attacking a monster I alone could see. “Oh, if you’re sure…” said Lexi uncertainly, leaving the tent. After hearing voices for 5 minutes, the boy I was waiting for came in. “IS something wrong?”

“Tristy’s in trouble! I saw! We gotta get her! NOW! The sphinx has attacked her!”

“Whoa, slow down!” said Jake.


“Since when have you started caring about this person you don’t even kn-?” but Jake was cut off by another scream, which sounded just like Element. “MONSTER!”

Just as a miracle, there was the sphinx. although that wasn’t the miracle part- this was: the sphinx was holding the girl in my dream. Tristy.

“ANSWER MY RIDDLE!” boomed the sphinx. “AND YOU GET THE GIRL!”

“It’s a deal,” said Jake bravely. “Try us!”

“What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?”

Jake’s face contorted into a scrunched up face, in turn so did Julie’’s, Amy’s, Raven’s, Austin’s, Element’s, Lexi’s and everyone else’s- except for mine.

“Where is Katara when we need her?” asked Julie, frustrated. My eyes flashed toward the right… then up toward a little. There was Katara, staring at this as if it was a comedy. Katara caught my eye, and nodded. I knew that I knew the answer… but was I brave enough to do it? Katara mouthed the words, “Do it. I know you can!

A-a-a man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age!” I stuttered.

The sphinx’s smile turned into a scowl. Of course, that probably meant that I had passed. “You have solved my riddle. Congratulations.” although she didn’t sound very happy. She dropped Tristy’s limp body on the ground and stalked off.

To be continued…

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November 7, 2009 at 5:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The sky. =]

Anyway, Zuzu kindly invited me!

I’ll be glad to work on my 9th blog! ^^

Thanks, Zuzu, again!

I’ll post about anything- if I’m allowed to.

A pic to end this post-


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