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I think I got a Nebula egg, judging from it’s mother:
Adopt one today!

le awesomeness 😀


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Bored.. D:

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Base link (I did not make this base btw):

Edited Base (Used Paint):

Yes, I know it’s not amazing, but it’s better than how I used to edit bases.

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Yesh, i got to open. She is TALL O: (1 ft 10 in) Here is a pic of  her in her outfit:


She’s holding my giraffe beany baby x3

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The Darkness Unleashed, Her Beginning

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Emma was always mistreated.  She was beat up and picked on by the older kids. But one day, something in her swore revenge. And it grew in her badly.

Emma was shot the night on her birthday. Her corpse didn’t rot. Instead, it awoke, eyes glowing gold with no pupil.  A monstorus voice crossed her mind. “Emma… my daughter… unleash the darkness…” She moaned in pain. The older kids passed her. They seemed confident. “Heh, alive again? Great, we can insult you again!” laughed a sixth grader girl. Emma started to giggle evily. Two black things emerged from her. The darkness.

The kids backed away, but the darkness stretched out. The darkness devoured the kids. Emma removed the yellow bows from her hair. She straighten her blood stained dress. She swept her short black hair. She saw a young girl passing through the streets, looking awful curious.  She slowly walked towards the girl, with a sly smile.

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Brothes, Sisters and a whole lot more part two

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“Hey, you okay?” a voice spoke. “Demon! Die, demon!” said Solona fearfuly. “Calm down, it’s me Jowan!” he spoke. “Irving told me to tell you to meet him as soon as you awoke. I hadn’t realized you were gone all night!” said Jowan. “Tell me, how did the harrowing go? Just tell me a little bit and I won’t ask anymore I promise!” pleaded Jowan. “One thing, and one thing only. You have to go through the fade to kill a demon they put into you.” spoke Solona softly. “Really? That must be horrible.” Jowan said. “Well, I must be getting to Irving now.” Solona spoke. She exited the apperntice quarters to see Irving. He spoke about much and handed Solona her robes and the ring of study. He handed her a large wooden branch. She felt the magic shifting inside. She had the day free, so she decided to head to the libary. Then Jowan pulled her away by the hand. “Over here,” he whispered. “I have to tell you.. something.” “Jowan, you’re starting to worry me,” said Solona nervously. “Let’s speak somewhere else, I don’t feel safe here..” Jowan said. They walked to the templars’ quarters.

“I told you a met a girl, right? This is Lily.” Jowan said quietly. Solona’s eyes gaped widely, staring at the preist. Lily was quiet. “I need you to help us. I’ll explain the plan on the way.” Jowan said. Solona walked passed Antattia, which she tugged on her mage robes. “What?” whispered Solona. Antattia whispered something, and Solona giggled.

Antattia followed them to the chambers. Jowan destroyed his phystaclery. “I can’t belive it, we-” Jowan stopped. “A preist, and a blood mage.” said Gregior. “And you two. Newly mages and already causing trouble!” “You to could’ve told me the plan. But you didn’t.” spoke Irving, looking at Solona and Antattia dissapointed. “You all can’t set mages free for a dumb reason!” said Jowan, full of anguish. “Enough, I sentence this blood mage to death, and the preist to aernoa.” Gregior said, trying not to raise his voice. “No, I won’t let you touch her!” shouted Jowan. He grabbed a dagger and stabbed his hand. He was lying about not be a blood mage. He used the arts, and ran off. Solona rushed over to Irving. Thankfuly they were not dead, but Gregior wanted Solona out. Duncan came over. She and Antattia were to become Grey Wardens. They both walked forward and exited the tower. Antattia seemed alittle clueless, because the tower was the only place she known. Solona, for one, didn’t care. She was torn from her mother, at young age, and never saw her parents again. The elf-dwarf, Anttattia, who was much shorter than Solona, was one who was nervous for most things. Solona was more out going. They reached Ostagar.

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Heros or villans, part 3

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*note* Starting sorta another part, idk how to continue with the rest. thank you for ur patience for reading this thing a mic bobber.

Ebony was acting strange latley. She refused to even speak to Hyde or Tim. Then Hyde walked up to Ebony, talking one deep breath then tapping her shoulder. “Ebony?” Her hands glew black and red with rage. Hyde came up a step closer. Her voice was a bit louder. “Ebony???” Hyde asked once more. Then Hyde felt a cool chill clutching gently at her throat. But then, Ebony stood up, turned around, and she seemed fine. That is, if you don’t mind one who’s eyes glew yellow and hair turn jet black. A monsterous voice came out of Ebony. “Aww, you feel bad for me? How bout you look back into the past and show yourself a hero again!” The clutch got tighter and tighter, and soon, the only breath that came out of her was what little oxygen Hyde had left in her lungs. Ebony tightened her grip, and swung her arm. Hyde collapesed in the pain, and looked at her arm. It was bleeding. But the blood was not red. It was black.

Hyde grabbed a knife, but Ebony quickly caught Hyde’s grip, and turned her hand around. The knife hit Hyde’s stomach. She couldn’t feel nothing, her face was emotionless, no pain shown. Ebony knocked Hyde down and pushed the knife harder, almost attaching her into the ground. Ebony had a surly grin on her face, and Tim had came in. Nothing could describe the look on his face. Ebony came up, smiling at Tim like she hadn’t done anything. Ebony stroked her fingers through her jet black hair and sat down. She used her rage (blood magic), and gripped Tim’s neck. It seemed she tryed to catch his attention. She brung Tim to her, and that was when Hyde gripped onto the bloody knife.

“Awww, poor Robin seems depressed that his whiney sister, is a bit “bloody”, at the moment?” The grin she showed made Robin shudder. He couldn’t do anything because the demon inside Ebony seemed to reach out to him. Ebony didn’t notice Hyde’s bravery. She pulled the knife with all her might, and the blood that was red that came out soon turned black. She finally got the knife, aimed, and threw it at the back of Ebony. A scream came out of Ebony, and suddenly, Hyde grew fangs. Hyde covered the large wound on her stomach, and a smile came upon her face. It seemed Hyde really enjoyed it.

~Your fellow writer Zuzu :}

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Heros Or Villans, Part 2

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Joker and Harley laughed. They were going to “re-model” them. Thunder grabbed my pocket knife and cut the rope attaching me and Robin. Robin attacked Wolf while Thunder was fighting with Dee Dee and Dee Dee. It seems all they did was kick people. They got through the place and The Joker and Harley couldn’t catch up. They were on the top of a building. Far from the ground brother and sister stood.

Hyde’s black hair flowwed in the breeze just as how Robin’s cape did. They heard nothing but car honks and the wind blowing hard.  Not much would happen in the city. Their heads still were in pain from the “hammer”. But then they saw a cop car go by. It was chasing a young girl with white hair is all they could see.  She was running as fast as she could from the cops. Both came down to check it out.

She was scared hiding behind Hyde. “People! People, trying to kill MEH!” she yelled hiding behind a small bush. “What the HECK?!”  Hyde yelled looking annoyed.  “Serouisly,” Robin said, with a annoyed look on his face too. “Just keep her in your sight,” the cops said. They left, and Thunder gripped on the girl’s hair. With an annoyed voice, Thunder asked, “Name Please.” “EBONY, EBONY!”  she yelled then covered her face with her hands. “CALM DOWN FOR BLOODY SAKE!” Robin and Thunder shouted. “sorry,” A quieter voice came out of Ebony.

Robin and Thunder took Ebony to the front of the apartment. She waited outside while both changed into regular clothing. “Hi, I’m Hyde Drake and my brother, Tim Drake,” said Hyde calmly. “I-I’m Ebony,” Ebony said. “No last name?” asked Robin. “Nope..” Ebony said. They all went out to walk alittle. Then they walked pass a dark alley. Someone had a sack and through it over them and captured them.

They woke up tied over a large pot with toxic waste. This would eitheir kill or mutate them. “WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” screamed Ebony in horror. ‘NO WE’RE NOT NO WE’RE NOT NO WE’RE NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” the twins both yelled. The rope started to rip.

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Thunder/Hyde Drake, “My Diary.”

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“Ack, what happpened?! Everything is dark and metalic, I’m tied back to back with my brother and this dude looking like in his mid 80’s laughing crazy. What a idiot.  I managed to grab a small book and pen and write but have no clue why.. Ah, whatever.  It’s nothing but laughter. I see some partners at his side. I only manage to  know two.. Well, make that three. Dee Dee and Dee Dee, and Wolf. He doesn’t look much like a wolf though.. A strange one like the one Corris saw… Oh boy.. They’re-”


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Heros or Villans, Part 1

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Hyde Drake admired her name because of how it standed out. She was once raised by Bruce Wayne but was then forced to go her seprate ways. She learned how to live as an orphan. She had lived with her brother, Tim Drake, who was also known as Robin, her brother. She was eager and was pretty good at fighting. But once she had met someone whom changed how she saw team work forever.

Hyde was known as Thunder in crime fighting. She was in a bar looking for a smuggler. She had bumped into a drunken smuggler. He knocked her down onto the ground and gripped onto to his pistol. He shot a gold covered bullet. Everything seemed like slow motion for Thunder, because she could dodge the blast quickly. He kept shooting. Then a war began in the bar.

She found the smuggler she was looking for and took him down. She took him to the cops and dissapeared when the cops offered her reward and she said, “No thanks. Just what I do.” Then she disspeared.  One night, she had sneaked out quietly from her apartment through the window. She was sitting at the window, watching the cars in the street far beneath were she was sitting. She thought all was calm. She held the top of the window with one hand, and straighted her black skirt out with the other. She loved the city. She stroked her fingures through her silky black hair. But then she heard a cry for help from a woman.

She quickly woke up her brother then they both changed into what they would usually where for crime. They both jumped out of the window. Robin shot a grappling hook while Thunder sky dived faster and landed onto a building where she’d jumped off and landed right in the middle where a woman was getting robbed. They beat the theft and handed the money the woman had. “Acctually..” the woman began. She pulled out a giant hammer and knocked them both out. It was Harley Quinn.

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Hyde Drake AKA Thunder

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For meh and Vi’s story:

The Boot:

Here’s my version of Thunder:

Here’s my character, Ebony!

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