Staff adding page

If you want to be a part of my little blog, I need:

You to be atleast ten years of age.

Atleast post once in a while so I know you are alive.

Tell me which role you want to be, I make people admins when I know them long enough.

WordPress account. VERY important.

Your blog, if you have one, so I can add you to my blogroll, only if you want though. ^^

Good grammar. I don’t want people around with bad grammar posting and people can’t read what it says.

When you get the job, you should be honored to be apart of this blog. I am not easily impressed by people, so be proud. If you don’t follow basic rules, you will be banned from my sites, and possibly the chat box.



  1. Elyon said,

    Cool can I join?

  2. zanygamer said,

    Can I join? I know you can trust me and I trust you. You can just add me as author for now. I don’t care. I’m not going to be on much.

    • ~Zuzu The Gold~ said,

      Alrighty then! 🙂

      • zanygamer said,

        Hey Zuzu, have you actually added anyone yet? I also want on your blogroll. Thanks! 😀 Sorry for being so impatient. 😦

      • Zuzu Waterwalker said,

        Sorry, I’m just so busy… D: Hey WM? Could you add the people I requested? Elyon Tii and Sassysweety for now. Sorry if I’m being a pest. D:

      • Tii said,

        It’s fine. I was just wondering….because it’s been like half a month already…

      • Zuzu Waterwalker said,

        Argh sorry >_< I was at a little girl's b-day today and just got back.

      • zanygamer said,

        Little girl’s party? Well, it’s okay. :p I don’t really care.

      • Jedi Ninja Girl said,

        Probaly my cuz, im not sure, but she threw pepper and salt all over my other cuz. XD

      • zanygamer said,

        Haha. Naughty little cousin!

        It doesn’t really matter to me that you add me, because now I’m anxious to find ideas for all the blogs I work on and tons of homework…

      • ❀яανєη¢ℓαωgυяℓ~нє¢αтє❀ said,

        Hey. Just wanted to say, it HAS been a very long time, but when you requested that I add people, I wanted to point out that I can’t as I am not an admin.

      • ╫~Ghost~╫ said,

        Oh yeah, I did that because I didn’t want you peeking at me writing my stories (xD). And since Tii/Zany Gamer said she’s blocked from wordpress itself and her own blog, it looks like she can’t be added, sadly. 😦 I’ll change you back to admin now. Just don’t peek D:

  3. sassysweety said,

    can i be added? I dont really know u but ur blog blog is: ask my friends if u want ‘references’ on me. 🙂

    • ~Zuzu The Gold~ said,

      Awesome! It is Speedy Crown, incase you don’t remeber. Or Speed-X. ^^ Thanks! Awesome blog BTW!

  4. Elyon said,

    omg coolz!! I’m planning start a blog with my friendz at school…. we’re still planning it. Any ideas how to call it?
    btw zuzu u can add me as anything idond really care i’m just kinda “new” to this blog thingie =D

  5. Elyon said,

    bff blog? that names ok…
    how bout girl police?

  6. Amanda said,

    can i be like um a …. admin im really responsible and i dont goof off i promise scouts promise

    • ~Zuzu The Gold~ said,

      I am gonna add you as an author for now.. I just need to know you a bit better because IDK who you are… Is that alright? Sorry if I’m sounding un-fair to you. 😦

  7. ❦Ӄαѓαҭә Guѓl~αδЯϊәппэ☪ said,

    Ummm can I be an author here?

    • ╫~Chi~╫ said,

      Sure. Got a special website you want me to add onto blogroll?

      • ❦Ӄαѓαҭә Guѓl~αδЯϊәппэ☪ said,

        No not really

      • ╫~Chi~╫ said,

        Okie dokie

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